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Business networking Essex – Creative Business Services


Business Networking Events London
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You can find all sorts of business links when you attend networking events. Business networking allows you to socialise with like-minded business people to find common ground and build relationships. You can find businesses such as printing companies that may come in useful for your company’s advertising campaign. Visit an event for business networking Essex to build a strong business network.


Company Background

Creative Business Services (CBS) is a printing company with a difference. To keep their competitive edge they have broadened their service to include marketing, graphic design, web design and more unusually, translation! CBS are specialists in Japanese design and translation, meaning that they are able to advise on the right methods for communicating with the Japanese market.

Graham Playle, Managing Director, says: “In 1990’s the printing industry was feeling the pinch of the recession and, as many businesses had to throw in the towel, we decided to fight back by looking at our services and seeing where we could make a difference to the client. This gamble paid off and we are still here to this day!”


Business Challenge
Four years ago the company turned to Business Link for London to help them to see how they could manage their continued growth and innovation. Graham especially wanted to give the company a clear direction and look at merger ideas with design companies in order to help the business to develop as a ‘niche’ business. Over the four year’s they have been working together Graham has developed a good rapport with his Business Adviser, John Sproson.


Solution business networking essex 
In CBS’ quest to constantly innovate the company’s offer, they began to look at how to revolutionize the conference market – and the 2vu was born! The 2vu is a fully integrated document that enables people to view cross-referenced information and main body text simultaneously and make notes and references to course notes or a seminar speaker.

“The 2vu was created to get people to move away from conventional conference note taking where you scribble lots of notes in a pad that you’ll find hard to read and reference once you leave for the day.”

With such a groundbreaking idea it was essential that the unique concept was patented before the launch of the product. Vinod Bhandari, a Business adviser specialising in design and innovation, introduced Graham to a client of his, In-Q-bator, to help Graham develop the idea further and ensure the product was launched correctly to aid its future success. This partnership has now developed into a new company!

With the help of intellectual property experts, brokered in to help the business, the 2VU has been successfully launched and they have already received a significant amount of orders!


So far sales of the 2vu have been made purely through word-of-mouth. Graham is a keen networker and has made good contacts from both networking events and events that are staged by the Havering Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

“On the basis of my networking we have already received an order from an accountancy firm for 1,000 2vu’s and we recently launched the 2vu at the Finance for Innovation event in, held at the HSBC headquarters in Docklands, where 220 delegates were able to sample the product, the feedback was profound with 76% of delegates sating that they thought the product was very innovative and useful’ Says Graham.

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Easy Tips for How to Do A Press Release



Press releases are great ways to get news about your business out into the world. When written effectively, these are some of the most affordable means of advertising a business can get.

Today’s press releases can be used for traditional journalistic print stories or for crowd funding campaigns. If you are looking to raise money for a business idea you have or for a creative project, you will want to know how to do a press release effectively.

First, come up with the most compelling headline you can think of. This should come naturally. Think about what excites you. Why do you want to get the word out? What is the most important thing you want the world to know?

When you are ready to write, add the dateline. This is just the date and the location where the press release originates from. After this, the body of the press release follows.

The essence of a good press release is answering the who, why, where, what, when and how of the news item. You want to do this in a few short paragraphs.

Most journalists and editors want to hear what you have to say, but they do not have a great deal of time to find out what it is you have to say. You already know that you have something exciting to announce but you want to accomplish this in a few paragraphs with about two to three sentences each. Avoid using any technical or industrial jargon and keep your sentences punched up by making every word to do a press release

Each word should also be a part of sentences that state facts about the announcement, project or product. What is unique about it? Why should people be looking out for it? Try not to use too many adjectives. For instance, you know that your product is a terrific invention, but you do not want to say that the product is the “most wonderful and magical and great” item around.

You do want to use an economy of words to say what makes it terrific. If you feel a little stumped, look at press releases online or in your local paper. This will give you an idea of what makes an item newsworthy and how the style of the release should flow.

End the release with the word “Ends” in bold and add your contact information. Add your office hours as they may apply to the responses you get about the release.

Aside from learning how to do a press release in the proper form, you want to learn the proper style. Double space your sentences and indicate when it needs to be issued. Most will be for “immediate” release.

It helps to write the answers to the who, what, why, where and when on paper before you type up the release. Brainstorm for the answers in a creative, captivating way and you will write a compelling piece that will get your product, service or campaign out to the world.

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What To Look For When Choosing And Accountant Essex, England


Accountants in Essex
Unit B, The Laindon Barn
Dunton Road
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Phone: 01268 330162



There are plenty of entrepreneurs that have great business sense and fantastic ideas when it comes to innovation and making money but lack the focus that it takes to manage their company’s finances. Whatever type of business you’re in, managing the finances is something that must be kept up-to-date on all facets in order to know how much raw product you can buy and how much you need to sell if for to make a profit. So if you really want to reach the next level in business, you really should find a competent accountant Essex, England.


Tax Preparation Is A Breeze If You’ve Been Keeping Good Records

One of the beautiful things about having a good tax accountant is that when it comes time to file, you have all the records you need. In fact, even if you get audited, you will have every receipt, bill, or expense neatly organized and easy to find. This is what accountants can do for you when it comes to taxes.


Advice On Planning Is Priceless From The Right Source

If you have a plan that involves expansions or acquisitions and you’re not sure if you’ll be able to afford the buyout or daily expenses of added bills, a good accountant can help you sharpen your pencil and make the right decision.

It’s easy for a business person to look at acquiring other companies and forget about the bottom line. Many times the reason that other companies are being sold is that they aren’t profitable. The sellers will be using creative ways to hide the expenditures or artificially increasing profits in order to sell a business for far more than what it’s worth.


Accountants Can Help To Networkaccountant essex

If you choose an accountant that specializes in the same types of business as you have, he will have contacts in the insurance, advertising, maintenance, temporary help industries that are related. When you need bonding insurance, for instance, he’ll already know of a reputable agent that can help. This saves time and decreases the chances of making the wrong decision which can be costly in many ways.


Choosing The Right Accountant Essex

You’ll want to make sure that the accountant you choose has the certification from the Association of Accounting Technicians or the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. There are others like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants that may also be good too.

Don’t always look for the least expensive accountant that you can find, that’s possibly the exact wrong way to go. The reason some professionals are able to charge more is that they are more valuable to the people they serve. You may also consider hiring a recent graduate from one of the leading universities as long as they are from the very top of the class.

While many businesses try to operate without the help of an accountant, it’s usually the ones that survive that will tell you that’s a mistake. They are more than valuable during tax time, in investments, acquisitions, and many other pursuits as well.

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