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You can find all sorts of business links when you attend networking events. Business networking allows you to socialise with like-minded business people to find common ground and build relationships. You can find businesses such as printing companies that may come in useful for your company’s advertising campaign. Visit an event for business networking Essex to build a strong business network.


Company Background

Creative Business Services (CBS) is a printing company with a difference. To keep their competitive edge they have broadened their service to include marketing, graphic design, web design and more unusually, translation! CBS are specialists in Japanese design and translation, meaning that they are able to advise on the right methods for communicating with the Japanese market.

Graham Playle, Managing Director, says: “In 1990’s the printing industry was feeling the pinch of the recession and, as many businesses had to throw in the towel, we decided to fight back by looking at our services and seeing where we could make a difference to the client. This gamble paid off and we are still here to this day!”


Business Challenge
Four years ago the company turned to Business Link for London to help them to see how they could manage their continued growth and innovation. Graham especially wanted to give the company a clear direction and look at merger ideas with design companies in order to help the business to develop as a ‘niche’ business. Over the four year’s they have been working together Graham has developed a good rapport with his Business Adviser, John Sproson.


Solution business networking essex 
In CBS’ quest to constantly innovate the company’s offer, they began to look at how to revolutionize the conference market – and the 2vu was born! The 2vu is a fully integrated document that enables people to view cross-referenced information and main body text simultaneously and make notes and references to course notes or a seminar speaker.

“The 2vu was created to get people to move away from conventional conference note taking where you scribble lots of notes in a pad that you’ll find hard to read and reference once you leave for the day.”

With such a groundbreaking idea it was essential that the unique concept was patented before the launch of the product. Vinod Bhandari, a Business adviser specialising in design and innovation, introduced Graham to a client of his, In-Q-bator, to help Graham develop the idea further and ensure the product was launched correctly to aid its future success. This partnership has now developed into a new company!

With the help of intellectual property experts, brokered in to help the business, the 2VU has been successfully launched and they have already received a significant amount of orders!


So far sales of the 2vu have been made purely through word-of-mouth. Graham is a keen networker and has made good contacts from both networking events and events that are staged by the Havering Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

“On the basis of my networking we have already received an order from an accountancy firm for 1,000 2vu’s and we recently launched the 2vu at the Finance for Innovation event in, held at the HSBC headquarters in Docklands, where 220 delegates were able to sample the product, the feedback was profound with 76% of delegates sating that they thought the product was very innovative and useful’ Says Graham.

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