PermaLink – Build Your Business Reputation




For small companies it can often be challenging to compete with the ‘big boys’ – you simply do not have the same resources at your disposal.


However, one area where you can compete on a level playing field is building your business reputation. This is because reputation is earned and not bought.


And while big corporates may spend a fortune on ‘reputation management’, all you really need to focus on is gaining trust and confidence from your customers and suppliers.



Creating e-mail marketing shots



Email shots are an affordable, efficient and flexible option for small and medium sized businesses looking to get their marketing message directly to their target audience.


Whether you use your own customer database or buy a targeted mailing list, the process for creating and sending a successful email marketing shot remains the same. This factsheet offers some tips on making the most of this cost-effective marketing tool.



Employment law changes



There are a number of changes to employment law coming into effect this year which will have a significant impact on your business.


From October, new laws will be set out for handling disputes, grievances and dismissals within a company, while anti-discrimination legislation will be extended to cover age and disability.


This factsheet gives details on the main employment law changes likely to affect your company, and provides a brief update on the regulations which came into force in 2003.


This factsheet looks at the key ways that your business can build its reputation.