Why Your Child Should Attend Out of School Clubs?


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3 Things To Consider When Choosing Out Of School Clubs



Out of school clubs provide a chance for your children to spend their time pursuing organized activities after they are out of school but before you are ready for them to come home. Finding the right club is essential to keeping them safe in the afternoon, while also keeping them occupied until your day is done too. Keep reading to learn the 3 things to consider when choosing out of school clubs for your kids.



1) Location, location, location: Is the club somewhere your kids can get to on their own after school is out? It’s likely you’ll be at work and can’t run to get your kids every day only to drop them off somewhere and go back to work. Find clubs that are on the school grounds itself or within walking distance. If not, find one that runs its own transportation to pick up the kids for you and takes them to where they are going to spend their afternoon.



2) Keep the education going: Out of school clubs are a great chance to expand on the education your kids are getting in preparation for adult life. There are three ways to approach this. First, you can use an afternoon club to reinforce a subject your child is finding difficult and needs additional study and work in. Second, you can have your child study something you feel is important but does not get educated on in school, like a particular foreign language or style of music. Third, you can let your kids choose their own interests and let them pursue them.



3) Keep closing time in mind: Some out of school clubs have a set time they are done, and they expect the kids to be picked up promptly, not before, not later. This can prove inconvenient for you as a parent. Will you wind up leaving work early anyway? Or will you end up sitting in a parking lot waiting? Find clubs that offer a little flexibility so that you can make this last errand one that flows smoothly with your day.

out of school clubs


As with all things where you trust your children to the care of another, do background checks. Also inquire about
first aid availability, and the experience, certification and licenses of employees involved. Make sure that you trust your children only with a safe and trusted business.



After school clubs are wonderful opportunities for children to enjoy activities that might be related to their schoolwork, but not the kinds of things they have to do in the classroom. It’s also a chance for stress relief.



Working parents might not remember school as stressful, especially given all the days off, but it is for children, even today. Clubs can break the monotony. They also provide a venue for social interaction with other kids their age after school but before they have to go home and spend the rest of their day with their family all evening and night.



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Easy Tips for How to Do A Press Release


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Press releases are great ways to get news about your business out into the world. When written effectively, these are some of the most affordable means of advertising a business can get.

Today’s press releases can be used for traditional journalistic print stories or for crowd funding campaigns. If you are looking to raise money for a business idea you have or for a creative project, you will want to know how to do a press release effectively.

First, come up with the most compelling headline you can think of. This should come naturally. Think about what excites you. Why do you want to get the word out? What is the most important thing you want the world to know?

When you are ready to write, add the dateline. This is just the date and the location where the press release originates from. After this, the body of the press release follows.

The essence of a good press release is answering the who, why, where, what, when and how of the news item. You want to do this in a few short paragraphs.

Most journalists and editors want to hear what you have to say, but they do not have a great deal of time to find out what it is you have to say. You already know that you have something exciting to announce but you want to accomplish this in a few paragraphs with about two to three sentences each. Avoid using any technical or industrial jargon and keep your sentences punched up by making every word count.how to do a press release

Each word should also be a part of sentences that state facts about the announcement, project or product. What is unique about it? Why should people be looking out for it? Try not to use too many adjectives. For instance, you know that your product is a terrific invention, but you do not want to say that the product is the “most wonderful and magical and great” item around.

You do want to use an economy of words to say what makes it terrific. If you feel a little stumped, look at press releases online or in your local paper. This will give you an idea of what makes an item newsworthy and how the style of the release should flow.

End the release with the word “Ends” in bold and add your contact information. Add your office hours as they may apply to the responses you get about the release.

Aside from learning how to do a press release in the proper form, you want to learn the proper style. Double space your sentences and indicate when it needs to be issued. Most will be for “immediate” release.

It helps to write the answers to the who, what, why, where and when on paper before you type up the release. Brainstorm for the answers in a creative, captivating way and you will write a compelling piece that will get your product, service or campaign out to the world.

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What To Look For When Choosing And Accountant Essex, England


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There are plenty of entrepreneurs that have great business sense and fantastic ideas when it comes to innovation and making money but lack the focus that it takes to manage their company’s finances. Whatever type of business you’re in, managing the finances is something that must be kept up-to-date on all facets in order to know how much raw product you can buy and how much you need to sell if for to make a profit. So if you really want to reach the next level in business, you really should find a competent accountant Essex, England.


Tax Preparation Is A Breeze If You’ve Been Keeping Good Records

One of the beautiful things about having a good tax accountant is that when it comes time to file, you have all the records you need. In fact, even if you get audited, you will have every receipt, bill, or expense neatly organized and easy to find. This is what accountants can do for you when it comes to taxes.


Advice On Planning Is Priceless From The Right Source

If you have a plan that involves expansions or acquisitions and you’re not sure if you’ll be able to afford the buyout or daily expenses of added bills, a good accountant can help you sharpen your pencil and make the right decision.

It’s easy for a business person to look at acquiring other companies and forget about the bottom line. Many times the reason that other companies are being sold is that they aren’t profitable. The sellers will be using creative ways to hide the expenditures or artificially increasing profits in order to sell a business for far more than what it’s worth.


Accountants Can Help To Networkaccountant essex

If you choose an accountant that specializes in the same types of business as you have, he will have contacts in the insurance, advertising, maintenance, temporary help industries that are related. When you need bonding insurance, for instance, he’ll already know of a reputable agent that can help. This saves time and decreases the chances of making the wrong decision which can be costly in many ways.


Choosing The Right Accountant Essex

You’ll want to make sure that the accountant you choose has the certification from the Association of Accounting Technicians or the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. There are others like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants that may also be good too.

Don’t always look for the least expensive accountant that you can find, that’s possibly the exact wrong way to go. The reason some professionals are able to charge more is that they are more valuable to the people they serve. You may also consider hiring a recent graduate from one of the leading universities as long as they are from the very top of the class.

While many businesses try to operate without the help of an accountant, it’s usually the ones that survive that will tell you that’s a mistake. They are more than valuable during tax time, in investments, acquisitions, and many other pursuits as well.

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Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?


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Most small businesses have to face at least one professional liability lawsuit during their existence. No matter how good you are and how much you want to offer your clients the best services possible, some people are going to sue you and claim liability damages that could cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Defending yourself isn’t cheap, so you can expect to pay a lot for attorney fees and other related expenses.


Under these circumstances, the best method to protect yourself against such lawsuits is to buy professional liability insurance. This type of policy can cover your defense costs and judgments, thus saving you a lot of money.


If you are a doctor and you give the wrong treatment to one of your patients, you are at risk of getting sued. If the patient is right and you lose the trial, you may need to pay a huge amount to compensate for all the troubles your patient has had to endure because of your error. Such errors are human, so you should never believe you aren’t exposed to them. Everybody can have a bad day and make a hasty decision. Doctors who have malpractice insurance can get away without having to pay an arm and a leg for their negligence.


Architects, dentists, accountants and engineers are only a few of the professional categories that could benefit from this type of insurance. They can make errors, omissions and other types of negligence acts that could trigger a lawsuit when they less expect it. Instead of hoping this is never going to happen to you, it’s much better to get a good professional liability insurance policy and have the peace of mind that you are going to be covered in the event of making a mistake in your practice.professional liability insurance


Directors and officers of non-profit organizations are also one of the most exposed categories of professionals. They can benefit from special protection against actual or alleged wrongful acts related to their management practices. This also includes protection against charges for sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination. Such lawsuits are more frequent than you might imagine, so it’s always good to be covered, even if you are sure you treat all your employees very well, thus not giving them any reason to sue you.


Professionals who give advice or provide services to their customers should consider protecting themselves from bearing the full cost of an eventual defense, should they be sued by one of their clients.


Although such insurance policies can offer you some protection, you have to be aware that the coverage doesn’t include criminal prosecution. There are also several other potential liabilities that are excluded, so make sure you inform yourself well before purchasing this type of policy. If you have no idea what to choose, you can always contact an insurance broker and ask about the various opportunities you can take advantage of. Such experts are the most qualified to give you such information and guidance.


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What You Should Know About Payroll Benefits


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What are the types of payroll benefits you, as a business, have to deal with? Is there anything you can do to make things easier for yourself and what is the best option out there? If you want to find this out, then continue to read the rest of this article.


1. Types Of Benefits- There are many types of benefits that you may be responsible for paying or deducting from your employees’ checks. Some of these benefits may include health insurance, social security, dental insurance and so forth. There are various benefits and the ones that will be taken out during payroll depends on a number of factors, and this is why it’s a good idea to get legal advice or to speak with an accountant, as they will tell you more about the benefits your business needs to take out during payroll.


2. Ways To Things Easier- One of the easiest ways to deduct benefits from employee’s pay is by hiring an accountant to work for you. A qualified accountant can work in your payroll department and they will know exactly what benefits need to be deducted from your employees’ pay or what benefits you are responsible for paying. Hiring an accountant is probably more affordable than you think, and it is a lot easier to let an accountant handle benefits than it is to do it yourself.


There are also payroll professionals that specialize in payroll and benefits. These professionals are not accountants, but they are still proficient in knowing what benefits to deduct, what benefits you need to pay and things of that nature. There are differences between an accountant and a payroll professional, but you will find that using either is beneficial to you and your business.


Another option you have for handling benefits associated with payroll is by using software. In fact, there are many reputable online bookkeeping software that allows you to do many things regarding business activities, such as taxes, storing receipts and benefits to name just a few. Using such software may take a little bit of time to master, but most software is easy to get the hang of.Payroll Benefits


3. Choosing The Right Option- Regardless if you decide to use a payroll company/specialist, accountant or software, make sure you go with the right option. This means you need to do a bit of research on different ways to manage benefits associated with payroll and then choose the option that will meet your needs. The good news is there are a lot of ways to manage benefits and payroll, but one thing is for sure and that is using software or other methods is a lot easier than manually doing it yourself.


As you can see, there are quite a few things you should know about payroll benefits. Now that you know about the different types of benefits and the options you have to manage them, you just have to choose the right option. Just keep the above info in mind and you should have no problem finding the best method to manage benefits and payroll.


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Simple Ways To Locate Divorce Solicitors Near You


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A divorce solicitor is an individual that understands the legal process of going through a divorce. They are usually brought into a situation where both couples are either unable to file the paperwork on their own, or there is a problem in dividing the assets. When children are involved, they provide a very important role, making sure that proper custody issues are resolved and that child support is delivered to the parent with primary custody. In order to find the best one, there are several strategies that you can use, allowing you to finally end a marriage via the legal process.


What Problems Can They Resolve?


There are so many problems that can arise when people are going through a divorce. After all, the reason they are getting a divorce is they can no longer stand to deal with one another. When they are not talking, things can get very difficult such as dividing all of the assets that they jointly own. It is worse when there are children which are very young, and issues of custody need to be resolved. Some will actually try to get the pension that both of them would have received if they had stayed married. After a period of time, even this money is jointly owned, and must be divided accordingly. Any real estate, money market accounts, and savings must be divided up, and a lawyer will know exactly what to do. So I you find one that can resolve all of these issues? Your search begins on the Internet.


Finding Divorce Solicitors Online


Prior to the days of the Internet, you would be limited in regard to your research capabilities. You would have to find them by asking people that you knew, ones that had also gone through a divorce, and they would recommend a solicitor that might be able to help. Today, the Internet makes it possible for you to see what hundreds of other people are saying about these solicitors that handle a divorce. The ones that are getting the most praise, and those that are actually more affordable than the rest, will be your top candidates. Keep in mind that it is recommended that you pay extra money for the best divorce solicitor because you want this to go as smoothly as possible. If you do not have a legal professional on your side that understands what to do, you could find yourself in court for many years to come, trying to wrangle out these legal issues.


Getting The Best For Less divorce solicitors


There are two ways that you can save money with a divorce solicitor. The first is to choose one that has the highest recommendations that is actually the most expensive. The reason that this can save you money is they will understand exactly what papers have to be filed, and will know what to say if the issue goes to court, so that you will spend less time paying them for additional appearances which could be a substantial amount. The other way to save money is to choose one that has the lowest retaining fee, as well as the fees that you will pay for every hour that they work. If they do have a good reputation for handling cases, then this will be the most cost-effective decision because of how efficiently they are able to complete the divorce process.


All people that go through a divorce are facing an emotional decision. During this time, it’s hard to make the right choices. This is especially true when children are involved which are almost always hurt with this decision by their parents. That’s why you need to choose one of the best divorce solicitors to handle your divorce, that can do so quickly, and for the right price.

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Hire A London Demolition Crew That Knows What They’re Doing


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There are all kinds of sites devoted to safe home demolition as a do-it-yourself project, but homeowners should really think a moment about what all goes into a job like this. Consider the removal of asbestos siding for a moment. This isn’t only a large project, but it’s a dangerous one that actually requires that professionals do the work. People taking on this project to save themselves some money before they install new siding or call a company to do it for them should think twice.


Any type of residential demolition job should be left to the professionals in my opinion. It may not seem like you’re going to get yourself in too much of a mess, but just wait until all those bells and whistles start to become nails and dangerous debris lying around. You’re going to have to work hard, too, in order to get the job done. By the time you’re done with any type of demolition job, you’re going to wish that you had called a London demolition crew.


It’s quite easy to find out which demolition services are in your area if you do some digging online. This saves you from having to scour the community searching for these contractors via advertisements at building sites and whatnot. Of course if you are networked in your community well enough, you might be able to get some referrals, too.


Did you know that you need a permit to even go about demolishing a building? That’s right! That means you should just let the professionals do their thing. They are very versed in handling the acquisition of these permits, and they will make the process easy on you. If you’re going after that demolition permit, you’re probably also going to need to think about getting a building permit as well, right?london demolition


You might be wondering just how much the demolition is going to cost. It’s hard to say without an estimate because so many factors can come into play. Is there going to be any hazardous waste that must be disposed of in the process? This is something that would have to be considered when you’re having asbestos siding removed.


Other things that need to be taken into account include nearby buildings, the land, environment, other types of waste and infrastructure and more. What you’ll have to do is get in touch with a London demolition crew in order to have them provide you with a quote. As you can imagine, on larger projects, quotes can vary widely. So, you’ll want to make sure that you get a few quotes in order to get the full picture.


You have to consider the soil test and feature survey that must be done as well. In fact, these processes aren’t just performed once, they are done twice, once before and once after. Traffic can also sometimes need to be taken into consideration, so be sure that you have a company that is going to help you think of everything as you get ready for your demolition project.


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Essex Fencing Companies Produce the Best Results



Every homeowner will need to protect property and ensure security for it. Garden fencing can fulfill these needs to a great extent. It can also significantly add to the aesthetics and individuality of the home.


When you are looking at the various ways you can provide your home in Essex fencing that is suitable, decide the primary purpose for your fencing and this, in turn, will help you decide on the right materials for your fence and its installation. A garden fence also acts to define the boundaries and can serve as a partition that keeps neighbors on their side of the fence. A garden fence must always be suited to the architectural style of your home and even act to complement it. You also need to be careful that you are erecting a fence on your property and not intruding into an area that does not belong to you. You will also have to look at the regulations in force in your local council in Essex, and that may impose height restrictions on a fence.


Your Essex fencing can be of various materials like:

  • Hedge
  • Wood or Bamboo
  • Plastic
  • Wire
  • Chain link
  • Wrought iron
  • Stone


A hedge calls for growing suitable bushes that can grow densely and create the required barrier. These can take some time to grow till they reach the desired height and width and a temporary wire fence is best erected and the plants for the hedge allowed to grow around it. Choose plants that are native to Essex, and can grow quickly. These hedges will require to be trimmed and kept in good shape, throughout their existence.Essex fencing


A wooden fence gives any garden an old style look. They provide the required privacy but are demanding on maintenance. You will find a lot of variety in wooden fencing when you go shopping for it. The wood you use must be well seasoned and must be protected from termites.


Plastic fencing comes in a variety of designs and colors and is easy to maintain and clean. It may, however, not have the strength that you will get from other types of fences.


Wire fencing is one of the cheapest of alternatives and will require you to place posts at regular intervals over which the wire can be strung. You may need many strands to ensure that pets or children can not crawl through the openings between the various layers. It is a good temporary fence to have while you are encouraging the growth of a hedge. Chain link fencing falls into the same category as wire fencing and is easy to erect. Use link that has been galvanized or coated. The fencing does not cut off ventilation, but may not give you the privacy you require. You can always use the chain link fence to support creepers or other plants that can then add to your need for privacy.


If you are looking for a fence that is architecturally pleasing and also fulfills all the need for security you cannot go wrong with a wrought iron fence. It is always best to combine wrought iron fencing with a lower layer of stone fencing, and the combination of the two materials gives enduring and long lasting solutions to your need for fencing your property.


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Best Tricks On How To Sell A Van Online Fast

There are plenty of ways to sell your old car or van, you can park it on a busy street with a for sale sign in the window, sell it wholesale to a used car lot, run an ad in the free newspapers like nickel ads, or even put up small flyers at all the bus stops. However, if you really want to know how to sell a van fast, the best way is to use the internet. There are now tons of free online classified ad websites that you can even submit a photo to.



Run A Search For Free Online Classified Sites

You’ll find there are hundreds, so start with the ones you recognize like Craigslist, Yahoo Autos, Free ads, and several others. You’ll need to spend some time online setting up accounts with user names and passwords, plus many will need email verification or phone verification, that stops spammers. Once you have about a dozen or so, you’ll be good to go, you’ll want to sell your van fast, and not spend a ton of time waiting for the phone to ring.



Get A Good Camera And Take Photos, Lot’s Of Them

Take more photos than you need and delete the ones you don’t use. Get photos from each side, the front, and the rear, inside, outside, upholstery, back seats, engine, wheels and tires so that anyone can see your ad and know what they’re getting. People will want to be 90% sure it’s what they want to buy before they make the drive to take a look at it.
Be sure and have it cleaned and detailed if it’s not already, most car lots have their own detailers that make cars appear almost new. Get some spray on protectant for all the plastic and rubber so that it looks fresh, clean and new as well.



how to sell a vanCreate A Glowing Description Of The Best Your Van Has To Offer

If you have trouble putting it into words, take a look at the descriptions online from several car dealers to get a better idea. They write those all day long, and they’re good at it, don’t copy them exactly, but spend some time to make it sound like a great van. Just a better description can make all the difference in the world in how much you get, and how long it takes to sell your van online.



Once you have all the information, submit it to all of the websites you’ve made accounts for, keep track of them so you remember each of them in a separate note file. Put as many photos as they’ll allow on a free ad, then put a link to your Facebook page where you can have hundreds if you need to. Your phone should start ringing soon, so be ready. And now you’re and expert on how to sell a van online fast.

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Three Insightful Childrens Nursery Activities

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Welcome to Childrens  Nursery Activities Ideas, an article loaded with hints and tips on fun activities for infants, little children and youngsters up to around five years of age. Activities cover an extensive variety of themes meeting the standards for the Desirable Outcomes Framework, Birth to Three Matters Framework and the Foundation Stage/Phase. Activities are intended for use by Day Care Nursery Nurses or by parents and their kids.


1. Plastic Cutlery Painting

An extremely basic work for youngsters beyond two years old to experiment making wonderful creative patterns.

You will require:

a. Paper

b. Plastic cutlery

c. Paints in a variety of colors



Provide the youngsters with a variety of paints, and place a plastic blade, fork and spoon in every shade of paint. The kids can utilize these to paint their own particular examples and test with the diverse marks each make on the paper. As the youngsters do this you could chat with them about the examples or shapes they are making, and in addition urging them to utilize each of the things differently to make distinctive effects. For instance the flat edge of the blade will make an alternate example from the serrated side.


Areas of learning covered:

a. Creative development

b. Language, Literacy and Communication aptitudes

c. Mathematical development


2. Create A Paper Chain Octopus

An awesome imaginative activity for kids from two years of age. This octopus will likewise add a fun 3D aspect to any under the sea display.nursery activities


You will require:

a. Paint or collage materials

b. Plain and colored paper

c. Glue

d. Scissors



On plain paper draw a diagram for the octopus without the tentacles. Either paint or utilize collagen materials to enliven the octopus. To make the tentacles, cut the shaded paper into slight strips. Glue the ends of the first strip together to make a ring, thread the second bit of paper through this ring and glue the closures together to make a chain. Proceed with this until you achieve the coveted length. Make eight paper chains and join them with a staple or glue to the base of the octopus to finish.

Kids can make individual octopuses, then again an extensive group activity will likewise look extraordinary as a major aspect of an under the ocean theme. This activity will urge the kids to cooperate whilst likewise advancing dexterity. If a large octopus is shown with long tentacles, the last loop in the chain can be strung with cotton and hung from the roof to make the show more three dimensional as the octopus falls off the wall.


Areas of learning Covered:

a. Physical improvement

b. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

c. Creative development

d. Personal and Social development


3. Mud Play

This can be a fun, messy activity for kids of all ages. This outside activity can likewise be adjusted so it can be performed inside.

You will require:

a. Large plate

b. Water

c. Earth



If you’re setting has an expansive green garden and it is possible to burrow a little hole then the activity can be done this way, if not
fill an extensive shallow plate with earth. Add water to the earth to make the mud, and permit the kids to sprinkle in the mud in their wellies. By utilizing a plate it does means this activity can be done indoors, despite the fact that you would require lino flooring or a lot of protective sheeting over any carpeted regions.

Older kids can be included in making the mud themselves, where you can converse with the kids about how mud is made naturally. They can likewise wash their own wellies and hands after the activity is done, learning about cleanliness while promoting freedom.


Areas of learning covered:

a. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

b. Social and Personal Improvement

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How To Write A 300 Page Book In Four Months

Writing a book can be a great way to establish credibility with your potential clients especially if you have created a proprietary system of solving serious business issues. There are many resources available but Mark Silver does an excellent job of recapping them and adding a step by step action plan on how to actually write your book. I highly recommend Mark’s website and newsletter as he has a very socially conscious approach to entrepreneurship.


There’s a lot of hoopla about becoming an author of your very own business book. The promise of fame and fortune is very alluring. Yet your book remains perpetually ‘about to be’ written. Or, you’ve sequestered yourself for weeks or months to write your book, only to come out with something you feel luke-warm about.
writing a book


The purpose of a novel is to entertain. The author takes you out of your reality into a world they’ve constructed or described. To do that, many fiction authors do go on retreat, or sequester themselves in some way in order to immerse themselves in their created world.


The purpose of your business’ book is… why do you want to write a book, really? Besides the fame and fortune ;), I mean why do you need to write your book?


You need it for many of the same reasons you need a website. It allows people to enter into the world of your solution, without betting the farm.


Never mind if they’re too shy to make your workshop, or not ready to hire you for whatever it is you do. They can, and will, get your book.


The secret: You’re not writing a book.


Your business solves a problem of some sort. Your product or service helps them solve this problem. Your ‘book’ should tell them how to do it.


Your book gives your readers and customers what they need in order to solve the problem on their own. It gives them an accurate description of the problem. It gives them the process of how to face and solve the problem. It gives the philosophical foundation, if necessary.


Those exercises evolved into handouts. Which evolved into multiple handouts. Which evolved into workbooks.
Then I taught several different workshops, and with each one I went through the process of handouts to workbooks. Then I beefed up each of the workbooks a bit, in response to folks who weren’t clear about what I had written.


After a few years it dawned on me: hmmm, I have about 150 pages in five different workbooks. Over about four months, with the support of my wife and my master mind group, I went through those workbooks so they could stand alone, and added an introduction and a conclusion.


The result: 300 pages and tens of thousands of dollars in sales, because the book is solid, and actually applies to real life. I didn’t dream it up on retreat, far from the people who would be using it.
Are you getting the drift here? Your book should be written while immersed in your business, with your customers, with the problems they face, and the questions they ask you.



Keys to Writing Your Book:

  • It can be short, to begin with.
  • You can keep expanding it later as you need to.
  • You don’t need a publisher.


For your business, forget about a publisher. Even if a publisher picked you up, what would happen? They would leave you the responsibility of doing 95% of the marketing anyway.

This is a bigger subject to be addressed, but believe me when I say that you can be very successful without a publisher, going the self-published route.


It’s not your book, it’s your FIRST book.


You might be tempted to never finish your book, because you keep learning and growing, and thinking of things to add in.


Use your heart, and look at it from your reader’s perspective. Where is a natural stopping point? Then, you can save the rest of your material for your second book. And your third. Believe me, once your finish your first book, it’s addictive, and you’ll start writing others.


Getting a book written doesn’t need to be a mysterious or artificial process. Let your work with your customers organically pull it out of you, then polish it off. Then write your next one.


Copyright © 2007 Mark Silver

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The Importance Of Safety At Work

When it comes to any sort of workplace, it is important that both employers and their employees work to set goals that aim for complete health and safety. As everyone works together as a team, you will have a much better chance of everyone staying safe. This is why there are strict guidelines in place and different rules that should be followed when working around certain chemicals or different types of machinery.

safety at workEmployers and Work Safety

As an employer, safety at work is always going to be in your best interest to manage health and safety measures for your employees to keep the company safe as a whole. This will include monitoring all of the processes and systems, keeping all of the material safety data sheets updated, going through regular safety training and more. When you keep your staff up to date, you will have a better chance of a workplace that is safe and free from hazards and injuries.

Employees and Work Safety

As an employee, it is always going to be important that you take responsibility so that you can keep yourself safe as well as others around you. You always want to be able to avoid certain behaviors that can lead to hazards or accidents in the workplace. If you happen to notice any hazards or issues regarding safety, it is your job as an employee to inform your employer so that the issue can be addressed immediately.

Any job comes with its own set of hazards. However, putting a good safety system into place for both employers and employees can help to limit or even eliminate the chances for accidents in the workplace. The more that you pay attention to your job and take precautions to go through safety measures,  that are laid out on The New Knowledge, you and everyone around you will be as safe as possible at work.

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